BRIAN QUEBBEMANN is a pioneering surgeon with a little bit of a God complex. He is devoted to medicine, health, truth, sports, and loving his daughter. He's also the best in the world at what he does. Just ask him.

Brian's ex-wife, TRACY, is also a doctor, an Internist, and she works for him in his practice. He's dating a motor cycle racing dune buggy enthusiast... But that's another story.

He and Tracy don't just work together, they also share custody of BRIANNA, their 9 year old daughter. Her special needs† demanded that Brian and Tracy act like grown-ups in handling their divorce. Now their respect for one another is obvious. JUSTIN is Brian's younger surgical partner, and his polar opposite—like a cuddly, cuter Woody Allen, with a lovely wife and two young kids. Brian trained Justin and sometimes second-guesses him in the O.R.

And now, a brand new surgeon, the CHANNING CHIN, has joined the mix...

At THE N.E.W. PROGRAM – one of Southern California's most successful gastric surgical practices and weight loss centers, in Newport Beach, with office hours in Beverly Hills and Long Beach as well.

Brian Quebbemann is a seriously tough boss. He wants perfection—from them, from himself, from the world. But underneath the demanding, sometimes seemingly thoughtless way he treats his staff, Brian is driven by dedication and fierce loyalty to the people in his life. They love him. Even when they want to kill him.

Brian and Justin have performed hundreds of gastric bypass and lap band surgeries. It's a competitive field. Brian hates the doctors who put up billboards and run tacky commercials. He believes what he does is way more important than that. It's his calling. So much so, that even though the practice makes more money from surgery, Brian is committed to developing successful non-surgical weight control methods. This is his passion. The American epidemic of life-threatening obesity has to be stopped.

Through the stories of the patients at the N.E.W. PROGRAM, we tell the stories of the extraordinary people who are giving them back their lives. Recent studies reveal that more American women are worried about their weight than about breast cancer, and every year 80% of women start a diet. And First Lady Michelle Obama is calling childhood obesity an out-and-out epidemic.

At first these surgical procedures may seem like miracles, magic even, as some clients lose as much as 30-40 pounds in the first three or four weeks after surgery. But miracles and magic quickly turn into hard work.

The patients have day-to-day dilemmas about their bodies, sex, food, relationships, work, and everything else you can think of. There's the woman who is smokin' hot for the first time in her life and has absolutely no idea how to handle it. How will she get used to her new self?† Another woman thought she just wanted to be smaller, but now that she's lost all of her fat, she's contemplating becoming a body builder. Should she?

There's the Muslim man who insists his wife cannot be alone with the male doctors. But she's the patient. And every time she is asked a question, the husband answers. Is she really a candidate for surgery?

Some come for surgery but shouldn't have it. Some don't want it but should. Each and every patient is a unique puzzle. No one gets fat overnight. And obesity is the result of a complex combination of nature and nurture. The doctors and staff members each use their own detective skills to figure out how to best help solve the problems each patient encounters. They are successful about 90% of the time. Which in the world of weight loss really does qualify as a miracle.

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