"Silent Lies is one of the best of the new films at the festival, a riveting psychological drama. Michael Harris is as complex a villain as you'll find on film. An impressive debut with a compelling script by Samuel Bernstein. The essence of what 'independent film' should be but seldom is."
—Mal Vincent Knight-Ridder

"Excellent... Silent Lies is a powerful film that grips the audience in its unfolding of the emotional and physical damage of child abuse."
—Janet Fine Moving Pictures International

"A beautiful film!"
—Mariah von Hausch WSVN-TV FOX Miami

"Samuel Bernstein deals with the theme of sexual victimization within a family setting in a wincingly frank manner... Michael Harris is especially horrifying, using his soft, calming voice and deceptively gentle masculine authority. He appears not only normal, but decent—which makes him all the more repulsive."
—Rod Dreher Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"A small movie with a mighty big impact.. With impressive sensitivity and finesse, it pulls no punches. Characters and a scenario that feel all too real, and star Elizabeth Anne Allen performs masterfully in a most-difficult role. This film never falters as it explores the inexorable momentum of abuse and rage."
—Rob Patterson Austin American-Statesman

"We're likely to see and hear a lot more from Elizabeth Anne Allen... Cedrick Terrell gives a sensitive performance in which he effectively hits the emotional demands of his role."
Siegel Entertainment Syndicate

"Small film—big emotion. This heartfelt work shows in vivid and exceedingly personal detail the struggle of a young girl suffering abuse from her father."
—Tom Provenzano Dramalogue

"Heartfelt... A tale of brutal sexual abuse and tender sisterly love... Marvelously played by the attractive Elizabeth Anne Allen"
—Emmanuel Levy Variety

"Intelligent and well made... Elizabeth Anne Allen does a fine job of conveying her turmoil through the silences of the title"
—Steve Warren XS Magazine, Florida




"A courageous film that tackles an explosive subject with unusual frankness and intelligence... Elizabeth Anne Allen gives a marvelously subtle, often brilliantly ambiguous performance. Kiwitt and Bernstein have done what all filmmakers should strive to do...."
—Jim Verniere Boston Herald

"Emotionally wrenching... Silent Lies was among those films playing to receptive crowds at the 20th Montreal World Film Festival."
—American Cinematographer

"Never less than riveting. Powerful performances by Elizabeth Anne Allen, Michael Harris, and Dana Daurey. Marks the truly impressive debuts of director Peter Kiwitt and screenwriter Samuel Bernstein... Intrepid independent filmmaking at its near best!"
—Brandon Jüdell Detours/AOL

"Silent Lies is a stinging, painful exploration of a young girl's sexual abuse, tastefully handled, but never shy of its demanding honesty. Eerily convincing portrayals by Michael Harris and Bonnie Burroughs. An accomplished debut film, fully realizes its intentions... Kudos to Samuel Bernstein and Peter Kiwitt.
—Michalene Seiler MovieMaker

"Of all the films that have dealt honestly with incest it could be argued that Silent Lies has the most courage. The powerful performance by Elizabeth Anne Allen is as completely convincing as it is heartbreaking."
—Terry Lawson Detroit Free Press

"Expressive direction, a haunting score... Cedrick Terrell grounds the film with a finely textured sense of reality, Elizabeth Anne Allen gives a powerfully evocative performance."
—Scott Siegel WNEW New York

"Never gratuitous, even during some of its most wrenching scenes. Writer Samuel Bernstein and director Peter Kiwitt have constructed an intricate web that traps two children in a household where deception masquerades as love... Elizabeth Anne Allen gives a dazzling portrayal of a teenager buffeted between conflicting emotions...Avoiding the obvious and the clichéd, this harrowing story from the heart actually makes the audience gasp."
—Susan Green Premiere Magazine