Bernadette Peters

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"Skillfully written and directed. Truly wonderful. Warm, ditzy and delightful."
Gannett News Service

"Bernadette Peters is a revelation!"
New York Times

"It takes a child to teach the adults in Bobbie's Girl how to grow up. Hovering somewhere between fairy tale and quirky art-house attraction, the film, as written by Samuel Bernstein and directed by Jeremy Kagan, somehow finds a way to include a battle with breast cancer, a fair amount of theological discussion and a study of Chekhov's "The Three Sisters" among its broader issues of self-awareness, identity and family. The movie comes at a time when lesbian and gay parents across the country are asking for more legal protections for their families, and as the Traditional Values Coalition is criticizing the kid-oriented Nickelodeon cable channel for scheduling a program that will explore gay parenting. A story with neither heroes nor villains, but plenty of heart, Bobbie's Girl adds its own unique voice to the discussion.
Los Angeles Times

"Love comes in many forms, sexes and ways. And the love these characters share for one another is touching and hopeful. I walked away feeling that anything is possible."
Irish Times

"Whimsical and delightfully free-spirited."
Houston Chronicle

Bailey Lewis (BERNADETTE PETERS) and Bobbie Langham (RACHEL WARD) own the Two Sisters, an oddball Irish pub by the sea in Bray. With the help of Bailey’s karaoke-mad brother, David (JONATHAN SILVERMAN), they've created a home for an eccentric mix of customers and friends. Their world turns inside-out and sideways when Bobbie inherits a 10 year-old orphan (THOMAS SANGSTER) just as she learns she has cancer. It’s a funny, surprising, and sometimes strange exploration of what it feels like to find love, and what one extraordinary family is capable of becoming when that love is threatened.

Directed by: Jeremy Kagan
Written by: Samuel Bernstein
Produced by: Ronald Shore
Produced by: Stacey K. Pantazis
Executive Producer: Howard W. Koch
Executive Producer: John Davis
Executive Producer: Spencer Proffer

Bailey Lewis: Bernadette Peters
Bobbie Langham: Rachel Ward
David Lewis: Jonathan Silverman
Alan Langham: Thomas Sangster
Niall Farrington: Don Foley
Kenny: Alan Smyth
Tina: Tara Lynne O'Neill
Ginny: Julie Hale
Ralph: Jer O'Leary
Basil: Tom O'Leary
Pete: John Olohan
Headmaster: Richard Durden
Fr. Merrison: Simon O'Gorman
Leonard Humphries: Alvaro Luchessi
Dr. Hamilton: Maire O'Neill
Martin: Frankie McCafferty
Waitress: Tascha Bertram
Priest: Peader Lamb
Rabbi: Ronald Shore
Man with Dog: Jimmy Keogh

Co-Producer/Ireland: Morgan O'Sullivan
Co-Producer/Ireland: James Flynn
Co-Producer: Josh Kesselman
Co-Producer: Joshua Silver
Co-Producer: Samuel Bernstein
Line Producer: Keith Thompson
Director of Photography: Ciaran Tanham
Production Designer: Fiona Daly
Editor: Michael Economou
Music by: Bruce Broughton
Music Supervisor: Spencer Proffer
Associate Producer: Fritzi Horstman




































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